Beijing Granary International Hostel

Beijing granary international youth hostel is located in the south of Tiananmen Square, adjacent to the famous Dashilan Street at Qianmen area. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, night curfew was imposed, so fence is set in the streets, which was closed at night and open during the day time. During the past hundred years of development, hundreds of shops and theaters such as silk shops, drug stores, shoe stores, and restaurants were set in Qian Men Dashilan Street. Langfangtoutiao Street and Langfangertiao Street used to be a jewelry and jade market. ZhuBaoShi Street used to have twenty-nine official furnace rooms where silver treasure was cast. Qianshi Hutong, Shijia Hutong and Xiyanhe Area used to open a lot of old style private banks. And Wangguangfu Alley and Shanxixiang Alley etc hold the greatest concentration of whorehouses, which is called Eight Hutongs. In 1928 before Qian Men Commercial district began to decline, Dashilan area has always been the merchants flourishing place of old Beijing, many famous time-honored brands were originated here, such as Quanjude Roast Duck restaurant, Ruifuxiang silk shop, Tongrentang Pharmacy, Liubiju pickled vegetables house, etc. These famous shops are still flourishing nowadays. The transportation is very convenient. It's about ten minutes' walk to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.